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Ethiopian New Year 

The project day for the Ethiopian New Year has been a huge success and we would like to thank all parents and participants for their effort. Many projects were offered and afterwards, the students presented their projects and we closed the day with dancing and a delicious Ethiopian buffet.

Welcoming Ceremony

The welcoming celebration for all new first graders took place on Wednesday, August 22nd. All new students were taken by Mr. Nutz, head of school, and Mrs. Grubmüller, form teacher, from the kindergarten to the gym where the celebration took place. The older students prepared a great program and presented a very funny play. Mr. Nutz and Mrs. Grubmüller welcomed the students warmly.

First day at school

We would like to welcome all students, parents and colleague to the new school year! The welcoming ceremony took place on Monday in the gym. New students were greeted personally by our new head of school, Dr. Nutz. Also all new teachers were introduced and welcomed. Many students were honored for passing the German and French Language Diploma as well as the Ethiopian national exams. Let’s all start the new school year with lots of ambition and fun!

Reception at German Embassy

The IB-students of grade 12 had their final exams in the first weeks of May. All students will receive their hopefully good results at the beginning of July only. Students of grade 10 had their final oral exams end of May and either passed the exam, which promotes them to secondary II level or they received the degree of “Realschule” or “Hauptschule”. On Friday, June 1st, they received their final reports from the German Ambassador, Brita Wagener, during a well-done ceremony held at the German Ambassador’s residence, to which final IB-students of grade 12 were invited as well. We would like to extend our gratitude to the German Ambassador for the hospitality and support.

BASF – day of experiments

The German chemical company BASF has invited students of DBSAA, our neighboring school Nigat Kokob and the German Church School for a day of experiments which took place in the facilities of our school. Student of grades three to six could find out for example how vitamin C can be found in different foods. It was an adventurous day and we would like to thank all staff of BSAF Ethiopia.


The IB-students of grade 12 had their final exams in the first weeks of May. Karlson Jacobi, Patricia Lopez-Plaza, Elisa Lunnebach, Safia Nabil Yusuf Succar, Karla Cornejo, Lea Pickel and Giovanni Schubert will receive their hopefully good results at the beginning of July only. We keep our fingers crossed!


Inauguration School Bus

Just after the assembly for the start of the second term, the new school bus was inaugurated. Mr. Weisser, deputy head of school, blessed the new bus with lots of sparkling Ambo water just before the bus went on its first mission to take all students up to Yeka-Mountain where they went hiking. 

First Aid Classes

Our new school nurse Ms. Lydia Stockmanns has offered a total of three first aid classes for teachers and staff. The course was highly appreciated by everybody. It is very important to refresh one’s own first aid knowledge on a yearly basis since in emergencies fast help cannot always be guaranteed in Ethiopia. Ms. Stockmanns will also offer first aid classes for students in higher grades in the near future. 

Important Dates

Here you can find all important DBSAA dates until August 2019. Please click on the calendar to get a full view and some additional information for each event.

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