Pedagogical Concept

Our work is based on the "Quality Framework for Kindergarten and Preschool at German Schools Abroad" and the Thüringer Education Plan. This is based on the individual educational needs of the child.
The world's first kindergarten was opened in Bad Blankenburg in 1840. Thus the kindergarten is a Thüringer invention.

Day-care centres for children as well as our kindergarten have an educational, upbringing and care mission to supplement the family and enable children to gain experience beyond the family framework.

Central focal points and educational tasks are set for each area of education.
These educational areas are:

Linguistic and literary education

Physical and mental health education

Science Education

Mathematical Education

Musical education

Artistic-aesthetic education

Philosophical world-descriptive education

Religious Education

Media education

Civil Society Education


As in our families, there are age differences between siblings and cousins in the different groups. In order to make the everyday life of the children as realistic as possible, we work in mixed-age groups in a semi-open concept.

Every child has his or her own place in his or her main group. There they celebrate their birthday together with their familiar kindergarten friends and meet daily for the morning circle. The educational offers take place partly in the main group and partly cross-group. During free-play time the children may use also the play areas in the other groups, visit friends or simply benefit from activities offered by the other educators.

We promote thereby the decision-making ability, independence and self-activity of the children.

They quickly find their way around the house and get to know many play and learning opportunities. Their social behaviour is trained because they come into contact with many different children and adults. However, if a child needs the closeness and security of its familiar environment, it has the opportunity to do so as long as it needs them.

Children learn in all life situations. All senses are used. It perceives its surroundings attentively, connects them with movements, with research, action and play. The play is the main activity in the everyday life of the children. Our task and pedagogical goal is to perceive what moves the children and what they do.



Liebe Eltern, liebe Erziehungsberechtigte, Mobbing ist ein Begriff, der in aller Munde ist. Er wird gern und häufig für alle möglichen Verhaltensweisen gebraucht, die uns nicht gefallen; für Streitigkeiten unter Kindern, Provokationen, Necken, aber auch für Schikanen, Übergriffe, Erpressung. Mobbing ist ein ernst zu nehmendes Thema. Nur mit der Unterstützung möglichst vieler Helfer kann diese Form von Gewalt bekämpft und das Opfer wirksam unterstützt werden.
Ab sofort ist
Frau Doris Johnson sozialpaedagogin(at) ihre Ansprechparterin zu diesem Thema.

Dear parents, dear legal guardians, mobbing is a term that is on everyone's minds. It is used frequently for all kinds of behaviour which we do not like; for disputes among children, provocations, teasing, but also for harassment, assaults, blackmail. Bullying is a serious matter. Only with the support of as many helpers as possible can this form of violence be combated and the victim effectively supported.
As of now
Mrs. Doris Johnson
sozialpaedagogin(at) is your contact person regarding this topic.


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