A Unique Encounter: 3 German Schools from Africa Gather in Nairobi

Regional Meeting of German Schools in Addis Ababa, Pretoria, and Nairobi

From February 7-10, an exceptional meeting took place in Nairobi, where student representatives from the German Embassy School Addis Ababa, the German School Pretoria, and the German School Nairobi convened for a regional meeting. The primary focus was to discuss vital issues concerning student council (SV) activities and collaborative projects. This event held significant importance as it provided an unprecedented platform for students from diverse schools to exchange ideas and work together towards fostering positive changes within their educational institutions.

The initial day primarily involved settling in, familiarizing with accommodations, and fostering camaraderie among attendees. The warm welcome set the tone for the rest of the meeting. An introductory session in the evening allowed student representatives to acquaint themselves and introduce their respective schools, fostering a friendly and cooperative atmosphere that prevailed throughout the event.

The following days featured discussions on various topics, including enhancing student participation, promoting environmental initiatives, organizing cultural events, comparing student council statutes, and devising measures to support students’ mental well-being. Through intensive deliberations in working groups, student representatives shared experiences, best practices, and challenges, showcasing remarkable dedication and motivation towards addressing school-related issues and driving positive transformations.

Of particular note was the enthusiasm among student representatives towards environmental protection and sustainability, as well as their commitment to refining student council operations. Numerous ideas and projects were presented, such as reducing plastic consumption, implementing recycling programs, and developing green schoolyards. Students also exchanged insights on creating tutoring concepts, inspiring each other to initiate similar endeavors.

The regional meeting included a visit to the United Nations headquarters in Nairobi, providing an opportunity to discuss sustainability, environmental protection, and partnership, and experience international cooperation firsthand. A highlight of the tour was the students’ engagement with the UN setting, where they gained insights into giving presentations.

At the meeting’s conclusion, students formulated concrete measures and projects to implement in their schools and pledged to maintain communication to uphold cooperation and pursue common objectives, while also forming lasting friendships. As a symbol of sustainable partnership, students planted two trees on the German School Nairobi’s premises.

Overall, the gathering of student representatives from the three German schools was a resounding success, underscoring the importance of student involvement in shaping the educational environment and highlighting the efficacy of collaboration and dedication in driving positive change.

Special gratitude is extended to the ZFA for organizing this regional meeting, enabling the exchange of ideas among student councils. Additionally, we thank the accompanying teachers from each school for their support in fostering students’ proactive engagement.

Student Representatives’ Perspectives:


Lentsoe: “I found the United Nations particularly impressive! I was surprised at how outstanding the complex was. It was great that we were allowed to give a speech at the lectern in the conference hall!”

Semai: “I particularly enjoyed the cooperation and exchange with other SVs. I believe we all bonded well, and the regional meeting will be beneficial for everyone.”

Jesse: “Every participant in the regional meeting had a unique personality, and it was fantastic that everyone could contribute effectively. I believe we learned a great deal from other student councils, which will enhance our event planning and representation of our student body on various committees.”

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