Extra-curricular activities

Share knowledge and have fun with like-minded friends

Our school is not only a place of learning, but also wants to offer students the opportunity to pursue their interests with like-minded people and to have fun together after school.

  • The DBSAA pursues various objectives with the working groups:
  • Deal with scientific, artistic, media, playful and communicative areas
  • Discovering new skills and abilities
  • Sensible leisure activities
  • Development of team spirit
  • Strengthening of self-confidence
  • Providing sports services

At the beginning of the school semester, the DBSAA staff provides a varied extra-curricular activities (“ECA”) offer. Registration is binding for the entire school semester and can be done on the notice board or directly with the supervising teachers.

We ask for your understanding that in individual cases not all interested applicants can be accepted. Likewise, some ECAs have an age restriction.

A small insight into our most popular ECAs







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