Parents’ newsletter – February 16th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents,currently, with grade 4a and 8, two classes are again excluded from face-to-face classes due to positive Covid cases. People repeatedly ask why the school recommends, at least for school children, to have a...
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Parents’ newsletter – February 2nd – School year 2020/21

Dear parents,Friday marks the end of the first semester and the students will receive their report cards. Due to the COVID situation, some of the performance assessments turned out to be very difficult. However, I...
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Parents’ newsletter – January 22nd – School year 2020/21

Dear parentsThe very unpleasant case for all of us occurred that we needed 2 hours to determine the chain of infection and the exact circumstances of the infection after a positive test result of a...
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Parents’ newsletter – January 14th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents, TimkatOn Monday, 18.01.2020, classes will end at 1:15pm, as in previous years. There will be no afternoon classes, AGs or Nami, as increased traffic and road closures are expected due to the Timkat...
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Parents’ newsletter – January 9th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents I hope you all had a good start into the new year and can enjoy the good weather here in Addis Ababa a bit. As already communicated, we will start attendance for kindergarten...
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Parents‘ newsletter – December 15th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents I don’t think anyone imagined a year ending like this, not a year ago and not a month ago. COVID is putting us all to a rough test, but we as a school...
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Looking for internships

We are looking for internships for 2021 for our students of grade 9 and 10. Download more information here
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Let’s plant Addis! Planting campaign at the DBSAA

“Wow! The students of the DBSAA have sown 1000 seeds within a few days! This planting campaign was made possible by a cooperation with Let’s plant e.V. and the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute....
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Congratulations to our newly elected student representatives!

We wish Clare Jörke and Dennis Wagner every success and look forward to an exciting year
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