Career Planning

Our career counseling program guides students through the process of exploring options and mapping out plans as they approach graduation. Experienced counselors advise on post-secondary pathways that match interests and abilities. The goal is to equip students with the awareness, experience, and skills to confidently choose rewarding next steps after school.

Areas of Focus

Key areas of guidance include

Higher education options like university programs and admission requirements. This covers the breadth of academic choices.
Career pathways to match interests and aptitudes to professional options. Self-reflection clarifies goals.
Application training builds capabilities for university, internships, jobs, and life beyond school.


Customized activities map a path across grades 9-12

Aptitude assessments, career education, program research

Grade 9

Job shadowing, resume/interview prep, college visits

Grade 10

Internships, application workshops, research project

Grade 11

Decision support, transition planning, alumni panels

Grade 12

We encourage students to leverage our services to uncover possibilities and chart meaningful plans after graduation. Please explore the links below and schedule a meeting.