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Let’s plant – A great success!

The Environment Group of the DBSAA visited the “Let’s plant” project in Debre Zeyit: The seedlings planted last year were viewed, new seedlings were planted and those responsible were spoken to. The project is underway....
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SMV and Liaison teacher

The students have elected their class representatives, the student representatives, the student liaisons and the two liaison teachers.
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Junior election to the Bundestag 2021

At the DBSAA, grades 8-12 elect their federal parliament.Material from the Federal Agency for Civic Education is used to simulate the elections for the Bundestag in Germany. We are looking forward to seeing the results....
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Ethiopia Day at the German School

Theater and dance, injera and coffee, traditional costumes and batik, pottery and clay construction, religion, tradition and birdlife….A colorful show presented by all school classes on September 17, 2021. Ethiopia Day PicturesHerunterladen
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Calendar schoolyear 2021/22

The Christmas Basar will not take place at DBSAA the 5th of December 2021. The Open Day will be held on May 14 2022 and is a school day. We ask for your attention! 210920_Schuljahreskalender2021_22Herunterladen
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Looking for internships

We are looking for internships for 2021 for our students of grade 9 and 10. Download more information here
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Let’s plant Addis! Planting campaign at the DBSAA

“Wow! The students of the DBSAA have sown 1000 seeds within a few days! This planting campaign was made possible by a cooperation with Let’s plant e.V. and the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute....
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Lantern procession

Every year St. Martin’s Day is celebrated in memory of St. Martin. With a traditional St. Martin’s procession with lanterns we all remember the good in people. It was a pleasure to see the many...
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KIDUS the first DBSAA student to be awarded to participate in TU9- ING week

Report from Kidus For five days I had the opportunity to participate in the virtual TU9 week this year. “Who” or “What does TU9 mean? and “What is behind a TU9 week? The term TU9...
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