Parents’ newsletter – January 22nd – School year 2020/21

Dear parentsThe very unpleasant case for all of us occurred that we needed 2 hours to determine the chain of infection and the exact circumstances of the infection after a positive test result of a...
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Parents’ newsletter – January 14th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents, TimkatOn Monday, 18.01.2020, classes will end at 1:15pm, as in previous years. There will be no afternoon classes, AGs or Nami, as increased traffic and road closures are expected due to the Timkat...
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Parents’ newsletter – January 9th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents I hope you all had a good start into the new year and can enjoy the good weather here in Addis Ababa a bit. As already communicated, we will start attendance for kindergarten...
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Parents‘ newsletter – December 15th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents I don’t think anyone imagined a year ending like this, not a year ago and not a month ago. COVID is putting us all to a rough test, but we as a school...
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Let’s plant Addis! Planting campaign at the DBSAA

“Wow! The students of the DBSAA have sown 1000 seeds within a few days! This planting campaign was made possible by a cooperation with Let’s plant e.V. and the Ethiopian Environment and Forest Research Institute....
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Lantern procession

Every year St. Martin’s Day is celebrated in memory of St. Martin. With a traditional St. Martin’s procession with lanterns we all remember the good in people. It was a pleasure to see the many...
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KIDUS the first DBSAA student to be awarded to participate in TU9- ING week

Report from Kidus For five days I had the opportunity to participate in the virtual TU9 week this year. “Who” or “What does TU9 mean? and “What is behind a TU9 week? The term TU9...
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