Bid Documents

 BoQ_UG_split up drawings_1_15 New room basement kiga_bidding documents New room basement kiga_contact form New room basement kiga_draft contract New room basement kiga_invitation for bid New room basement kiga_TOR Opposite room example
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Job: Grundschullehrkraft

Die DBSAA sucht zum 01.08.2023 eine Grundschullehrkraft als Ortslehrkraft in Vollzeit.Die Aufgaben umfassen neben des Einsatzes als Klassenlehrkraft in der Grundschule weitere interessante Tätigkeiten in der Schulentwicklung. Mehr darüber in der Stellenanzeige
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Used playground products for sale

The German Embassy School Addis Abeba intends to sell the following items: one stainless steel slide and metal structures from the old playground. Find detailed information and submit your offer
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Christmas with our children

Our school Christmas party, which was specially designed by the kindergarten and primary school, was a special highlight of this school year. The pictures show with how much joy, but also seriousness, the children were...
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Vorlesetag an der Grundschule

Listening to exciting and funny stories

It is a special day when the primary school children of all classes listen eagerly to what is read to them. Whether exciting or funny – the world of books offers so many surprises for...
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Presentation and choir music

To celebrate the Day of German Unity, the German School Addis Ababa presented itself on the Embassy grounds. An information stand run by the students and the musical contribution of the DBSAA choir were a...
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Halloween – big party for our students

Besides delicious food and drinks, the SMV offered a great programme for the students. There was a limbo competition, musical chairs, a make-up table and the infamous scary walk.
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