Children’s book author Iris Lemanczyk at the DBSAA

On Thursday, January 22nd, children’s book author Iris Lemanczyk came to visit the DBSAA to read from one of her numerous books to the students of grades 4 and 5. The exciting story from the book “Über Stock und Stein – Schulwege weltweit” (“Over hill and dale – school routes worldwide”) revolved around Lobsang, who had to make the longest way to school in the world in the Himalayas and experienced many adventures on the week-long journey. Mrs. Lemanaczyk made the reading very interactive, so that the students with their boundless imagination could immediately immerse themselves in the stories and then continue telling them as they pleased. Many thanks to Iris Lemanczyk for these exciting and stimulating hours. We are pleased to be able to offer her books in our library as well.

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