Ethiopia Day at the German Embassy School: A Celebration of Culture and Learning

In a vibrant celebration of Ethiopian New Year, the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa came alive on September 13th as students of all grades delved into the rich tapestry of Ethiopian culture. Ethiopia Day, a cherished annual tradition, offered an immersive experience that combined hands-on learning with the sheer joy of celebrating Ethiopian heritage.

Exploring the Sounds of Ethiopia

One of the highlights of the day was the introduction of traditional Ethiopian instruments. Students in the primary grades had the privilege of discovering the enchanting sounds of the Kerar, Masinko, and Kebero — the Ethiopian counterparts to the guitar, violin, and drums. Guided by talented Ethiopian musicians, the children not only listened but also got their hands on these remarkable instruments, trying their hand at creating their own melodies. To the infectious rhythms of Ethiopia, they danced with unbridled enthusiasm.

For the younger ones in primary school, an age-old pastime came to life as they learned the art of playing marbles. This traditional game, simple yet engaging, captured the imagination of the students and offered a glimpse into the games Ethiopian children have enjoyed for generations. Additionally, kids were treated to the captivating world of cotton fabric spinning, a craft that has been an integral part of Ethiopian culture for centuries.

A Lesson in Anatomy: The Sheep Dissection

In a fascinating dive into Ethiopian tradition, a sheep was ceremoniously slaughtered, following the customary practices. Once the edible meat was collected for a special feast, students embarked on a unique learning experience in the school laboratory. They explored the inner workings of the sheep, examining the heart, intestines, blood, and more under the lenses of microscopes. This hands-on anatomy lesson added a layer of depth to their understanding of biology and cultural practices.

Workshops and Cultural Exploration

Throughout the day, workshops held in the gymnasium transported students into the heart of Ethiopian culture. They explored facets of Ethiopia through the lenses of tourism, food, and even hairstyles. These interactive sessions allowed students to engage deeply with the country’s diverse heritage, fostering a greater appreciation for the nation they call home during their time at the German Embassy School.

Capturing Memories: The Collective School Photograph

As the day unfolded, all students gathered on the steps of the soccer field, creating a sea of smiles and youthful enthusiasm. This collective photograph captured the essence of unity and belonging that defines the school community, commemorating the special day in the school’s calendar.

A Feast for All: Sharing Injera and Ethiopian Cuisine

The crowning moment of Ethiopia Day arrived with families of students coming together to share a sumptuous feast. Delicious injera and a variety of authentic Ethiopian dishes graced the tables, all prepared with love and care by the students themselves. The aroma of traditional flavors filled the air as students, families, and faculty members enjoyed the delectable spread.

Ethiopia Day at the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa was a resounding success, blending the joy of cultural celebration with the excitement of hands-on learning. It not only enriched the students’ understanding of Ethiopian culture but also created lasting memories that they will carry with them throughout their lives.

As the sun set on this special day, the school community left with hearts full of gratitude for the opportunity to immerse themselves in the vibrant culture of Ethiopia, fostering a deeper connection to the country they now call home.

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