German As A Foreign Language

Our German as a Foreign Language program integrates native German speakers and learners in a supportive environment focused on building reading, writing, listening, and speaking proficiency. Students collaborate across language backgrounds as they gain communicative competence and deepen their understanding of German culture. The program aims to equip students with advanced German skills for integration into the local community, success in German higher education, and career opportunities in Germany and beyond. Dynamic language instruction fosters intellectual curiosity, cross-cultural appreciation, and internationally-minded graduates.


Our supportive community inspires a lifelong love of the German language. Join us to grow your fluency and engage fully in German culture as a locally integrated, globally minded graduate.

Students graduate well prepared to:

Meet the German language requirements for the Abitur university entrance qualification

Appreciate and engage with German literature, media, and cultural heritage

Communicate confidently in daily life, travel, and the workplace

Pursue higher education and career opportunities in Germany's globalized economy and society