Green School

Allow the DBSAA’s school community to build a healthy and sustainable future.

The world is facing a Climate Change and as a result we are seeing global warming, natural disasters, scarcity of resources, loss of biodiversity, pollution, health problems and more.

The Green School Committee was founded in October 2022 by six parents, to allow the entire school community to join forces, fight climate change and by that to help our kids have a sustainable future. Currently, many students, parents and teachers have joined the committee and our movement is still growing.

The Green School is convinced that education can empower students with the knowledge, skills and attitudes to address the climate challenges, now and in the future. In addition, schools are an important key to facilitate this sustainable transformation.
By going green there are benefits for:

  • Students: improved health, attitude, wellbeing, and gain essential skills;
  • DBSAA: improved positive image, reduction absenteeism, reduction resources, lower costs;
  • Our Planet: reduced footprint, sustainable for future generations.

Basically, the Green School refuses to sit and do nothing, but instead to allow everybody in the school to help build a healthy future for our community and the planet.

Green School Vision

The vision of the Green School is that the DBSAA and Community are contributing to a sustainable future and inspire others to do so as well


The aim of the Green school, is that – before 2026 – the DBSAA has:

  1. Become carbon neutral*.
  2. Developed the attitudes, skills, environments and solutions needed for a sustainable future; and
  3. Proven the related (economic) benefits for the DBSAA.


By joining forces and, for example;

  1. Minimize the footprint of the school
  2. *Emit the same amount of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere that the school offsets by some other means
  3. Create awareness
  4. Learn sustainable attitudes and skills
  5. Offer healthy and sustainable options

For who?

For all Students, Parents, Teachers and Staff who would like to help creating a sustainable future! Join us, follow your heart, and make a difference on this world.


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Green SchoolHelp Selam Village to reduce their plastic footprint!!
Selam Village is selling wonderful food every tuesday, and for a good cause. However, the amount of plastic used for packaging is hugh. Not only by bringing your own shopping bag or container, but also by donating your empty glass jars to the people at the food stand, we can drastically reduce the amount of plastic. So, bring your own packaging and donating old glass jars.  Selam Village can collect the jars, clean them, fill them with (peanut) butter or yoghurt and sell their items (with a deposit for the glass) at our school each following week.”


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