Handing over of certificates in the residence of the German Ambassador

Tradition is tradition – even in Corona times. That is why our 10th graders and our IB graduates were invited again this year to the ceremonial presentation of their diplomas at the residence of Mrs. Brita Wagener, the German Ambassador. Our headmaster, Dr. Nutz, then also underlined in his speech the gratitude of the DBSAA for this invitation under such adverse conditions. Nevertheless, the atmosphere was excellent and the school band delivered two excellent performances – of course all except the singers with masks! All 10th graders of the DBSAA have completed their secondary school education or have been transferred to the upper school (mostly to our IB at the DBSAA, but some also to grammar schools in Germany). The ambassador gave them a certificate and the class teacher, Mrs. Theil, gave them a rose handed over from Mr Musial. The four students from the 12th class only received their school-internal final reports, the results of the IBO are still waiting until the beginning of July. This year is even more exciting than usual because the written examinations at the end of the year for this year’s IB students have been cancelled worldwide – Corona sends its regards. That is why the grades here are calculated on the basis of the papers produced over the last two years. However, grades were not the main focus of the IB graduates, but rather the concrete issue of future planning: Where to study what and what to study, and which training to begin? It is a joyful event every year, but also one with a huge downer: the DBSAA is losing students who have helped shape the life of the school, in some cases since kindergarten. To those who leave, we wish them good luck with everything that is to come – let us hear from you, the doors of the DBSAA are always open to you. Fortunately, some of the 10 students who will continue at the DBSAA next year will remain with us – good luck to them as well. All of them have done great things in the last years and have more than earned their diplomas – the DBSAA is proud of its graduates!

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