The German Embassy School Addis Ababa

The DBSAA is a “recognised German school abroad” in the network of German schools abroad, which is supported professionally and financially by the Central Agency for Schools Abroad . We offer our students a comprehensive range of educational opportunities from kindergarten to the mixed-language IB Diploma Programme.

Our school looks back on a history of more than 60 years. After eventful times, the school has now evolved into a German-speaking school with an international community of students. We are proud of our beautiful, green school grounds, the well-equipped classrooms and laboratories , an extensive range of extra-curricular activities in the areas of sports, music, theatre and natural sciences and a competent and committed staff, most of whom were trained in Germany.

I'm glad that you are interested in our school!

As headmaster of the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa I would like to welcome you to our newly designed homepage.

Our homepage team has tried to keep the tried and tested while at the same time incorporating new ideas. I think this has been very successful.

We also follow this approach in our daily work: to support the children and teenagers from kindergarten to grade 12 in small classes as individually as possible and to convey values that prepare everyone for “real” life. This includes the step-by-step development of independent learning, as well as respect, tolerance, solidarity and responsibility for the environment and society. New ideas range from the introduction of the partially open concept in kindergarten to increased contact with partner schools and our digitisation initiative. At the German Embassy School you can be part of a lively school community. Parents, pupils and staff are involved in school development in a variety of ways.

We invite you to learn more about our work not only via our homepage, but also in personal conversations. We are happy to be here for you!

Kindergarten & Preschool

In our mixed-age groups, the children are open towards the new and are curious about the unknown. The partially open pedagogical concept creates a lot of fun and joy.

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Primary school

In our two stream primary school classes German-speaking students are taught together with students with an Ethiopian cultural background

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Secondary school

The lower secondary level comprises the grades 5 – 10 of the DBSAA. New subjects and important learning methods are introduced here with the aim of preparing your child for his or her professional or academic future.

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Upper secondary comprises DBSAA grades 11 – 12 and offers a bilingual IB Diploma Programme in which various subjects are offered in German or English. Successful completion of the IB Diploma is equivalent to the German Abitur.

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