Admission to upper Secondary School II (IBDP)

The procedure for admitting new students to the DBSAA’s upper secondary school is described below.   

Principles of admission

At the DBSAA, the following students can be accepted into the IB Diploma Programme of the 11th and 12th grades if they meet the following criteria:

Gymnasialstudents: Passing the final examination at the end of the 10th grade and thus gaining the right to transfer to the qualification phase of the gymnasialen Oberstufe.

– at least average 2.4 in the 5 IB relevant subjects (Deu, Eng, Ges, Bio, Ma)
– at least 3 in MSA Ma (written)
– no unsatisfactory (5) or insufficient (6) performance in the 5 IB subjects


Form to be submitted

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