Subjects & Curriculum

IBDP-students must students must choose one subject from each of the six subjects groups, whereof a minimum of three must be Higher Level (HL) and the remaining Standard Level (SL). Higher and Standard Level courses are comparable to German „Leistungskursen and Grundkursen“. All IBDP-subjects are taught for two years; Higher Level courses cover 240 instruction hours and Standard Level Courses cover 150 instruction hours. 

Subject Group 1 (Language A): Mother Tongue – Course German A: Literature (in German)
Subject Group 2 (Language A or B): English A: Language & Literature (in English)
Subject Group 3 (Social Sciences): History (in German)
Subject Group 4 (Natural Sciences): Biology HL (in German)
Subject Group 5 (Mathematics and Informatics): Mathematics SL (in English)
Subject Group 6 (Arts and Electives): Spanish or Italian as a new foreign language. Alternatively, the group can chose a further subjects from the subject groups 2 to 5 or art, music, drama (in English)

In addition, every student must take the course Theory of Knowledge (TOK), write an Extended Essay (EE) consisting of 4000 words and take part in the extracurricular project Creativity, Activity and Service (CAS).

Students can achieve 45 points with a maximum number of 7 grade points per course.


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