Admission to the secondary school

The following describes the procedure for admission to the secondary school of the DBSAA.

Principles for admission

1. Affiliation to a group of persons corresponding to the profile of the school
Students with a high affinity to the German language and culture will be admitted to the DBSAA. This proof is available for following persons

1. Children with German, Swiss or Austrian passports (or other German-speaking countries) or children with German as their native language

2. Children with a German parent

3. Alumni children

4. Children who have spent at least one year in Germany

5. Children who have sufficient German language skills

6. Children who change from another DAS, DPS or DSD school

7. Children whose siblings already attend the DBSAA.

Excluded are students who cannot be adequately trained because of severe physical impairments or intensive educational needs in the area of emotional-social development at the DBSAA.
If capacities are available, children whose parents have sufficient knowledge of German or whose parents work for a German employer can also be admitted.
Only in special cases (eg if parents are proven to relocate to Germany for work-related reasons) can other children be considered for admission.

2. Language certificate for German
Requirement for admission is the participation in a language test at the DBSAA, if the organization is possible prior to admission to school, or another language certificate (such as the school leaving certificate). If participation in a language test prior to admission is not possible, it will be rescheduled at the earliest possible date.

3. Promotion to the next grade
The permit to move into the next grade must be confirmed by the presentation of a report from the former school.
Parents must confirm that they have read the promotion regulations.

The DBSAA is a school that is visited by children with very heterogeneous learning requirements. Children with diverse cultural, social, linguistic and cognitive skills visit the DBSAA.
With a school change, additional support might be needed.. This circumstance is taken into account by the fact that the DBSAA offers additional educational and integration support within the availability of human resources, especially in the subject German. Costs for additional support needs must be borne by the parents. Are the support needs known before the admission, for example, as a result of the language test, concrete measures are agreed in a conversation between the school management, parents and counseling teacher. If the support requirements are not known before the admission, they will be determined as soon as possible in a class conference. In a conversation between school management, parents and counseling teacher concrete measures are agreed.

The head of school decides in consultation with the pedagogues about the admission.


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Internet presence
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