New in Addis? 

You and your family just moved to Addis Ababa? Then you are one of many families moving to Ethiopia every year for private or professional to a new country is quite challenging in the first weeks and months, and we would like to support you by sharing interesting links and important information on the German page.

Addis Ababa („The New Flower“) lies at an altitude of 7,546 feet or around 2,400 metres has a subtropical highland climate with cool nights and and warm days. The high elevation moderates temperatures year-round, and the city's position near the equator means that temperatures are very constant from month to month. The highland climate regions are characterized by dry winters from October to March - this is the dry season in Addis Ababa. During that time it is easy to plan any outdoor activities. Please be aware that until around christmas time the night time temperatures can be very low and can even go down to freezing in higher elevations of the city. The short rainy season is from February to May and the long wet season is from June to mid-September; it is the major winter season of the country. This time of the year is characterized by dark, chilly and wet days and nights. Addis Ababa is the largest city in Ethiopia, with a population of around 4,5 Million. Addis Ababa is spread out over a wide areal and you will need a vehicle since the public transport system is insufficient and some residential areas are far from the city. Houses can be found through colleagues leaving or through an agent. Rental prices are comparable with European cities and often paid in US-Dollars any at least 6 months in advance. Most houses are protected by high walls around the compound and guards. The house invasion rate is relatively low.


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