Admission to the kindergarten and the preschool

The following describes the procedure of admission into kindergarten and pre-school of DBSAA.

Principles of admission

1. Affiliation to an appropriate group of people relating to the profile of the school

Students with high affinity to the German language and culture will be admitted to DBSAA.
This is proven by:

  1. Children with German, Swiss or Austrian passports (or other German-speaking countries) or children who are German native speakers
  2. Children with at least one German parent
  3. Children of alumni
  4. Children who at least spent a year in Germany
  5. Children with adequate German language proficiency
  6. Children who switch from a kindergarten or pre-school of another DAS, DPS or DSD school
  7. Children whose siblings are already enrolled at DBSAA

Exempt are students who, due to physical and social-emotional disorders or rather conspicuousness, cannot be adequately instructed at DBSAA (e.g. blind students).

As long as capacities are at hand, children whose parents have sufficient knowledge of the German language or whose parents work for a German employer can be admitted.

Only in exceptional cases (e.g. when parents can prove that they have to relocate to Germany due to work) can other children also be considered for admission.

2. Age
In general, a child can be admitted if it has reached the age of 3 until June 30 of the enrollment year – „Possible“-children until October 31.

3. Admission discussion/contract
In a discussion with kindergarten, respectively pre-school management, parents will receive information regarding the overall concept of the school, possibilities, boundaries and cost of additional support in case of relevant need of support or rather integration, to be filled forms, transfer regulations, infection protection law, admission of students into primary school, school fee regulation and, if applicable, admission criteria. The notice and receipt of “principal instruction” has to be confirmed by the parents through a contract.

Fundamentals for enrollment in kindergarten and pre-school
A possibly successful enrollment at DBSAA should be ensured through three measures:

  1. Documentation of learning requirements that are accompanied by learning and definition of development supporting measures
  2. Application of standardized and informal procedures regarding diagnostic of single cognitive and linguistic learning requirement for the sake of individual support planning
  3. Consultation with parents

The head of school will decide about the admission in consultation with teachers.

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