Klassenübernachtung – Spiel und Spaß


We, the 8th grade, combined a class overnight stay with adventure and fun. 

Our class thoroughly enjoyed our time together.

The event began with a trip to the Gast Mall to the “Excape Room.” The tasks were really challenging.

At school we continued with a few team games and a meal together. The film “Dirty Dancing” was voted out and we were then able to strengthen our strengths and team spirit with games such as “Bänkeball” and “Capture the Flagg”.

It was a long night with Wehrwolf, basketball and much more. Thanks to Mr. Ernstberger, Mr. Dietrich and of course Ms. Hamann, who organized everything so well.

The crowning glory was the delicious breakfast the next morning.

It was a wonderful experience that we were able to experience together. Now we are curious about what the next activity will be.

The Grade 8 reporter team

Liya and Genet 


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