Diverse offer in the school library

Our school library is much more than just a room where you can borrow or read books. It is also a meeting point and a place of encounter for students. Teaching and learning, project work, homework, games, communication and relaxation also have a place here.

In addition to classic reference works such as encyclopedias, dictionaries and atlases, we have a large number of picture books, non-fiction and fiction, CDs and DVDs for all ages from kindergarten to secondary school. We also have a great collection of games so that the children can relax during the break and in the afternoon.

There are three computer workstations which are used by the students for silent studying, research and the Antolin reading program. Exhibitions of project work and book presentations also find a suitable setting in the library.

We have two cosy reading and retreat corners, which are used for reading and playing together.

The school library staff provide support and advice in the search for books, in literature research and help the primary school children to work with learning software and the Antolin reading program.

Of course, parents and teachers are also welcome to borrow books.

The school library is an ideal quiet place in the daily hustle and bustle of the school, where it is easy to work, read and do homework. The library is always full of new reading material, as we also regularly inform ourselves about the latest award-winning books for young people and purchase new books accordingly. The upper school is also taken care of. We are very happy about book donations, which can be handed in at the entrance of the school library.

We are looking forward to your visit!

Information about our school library

Opening hours

Mon – Fri. from 7.40 a.m. to 4.15 p.m.
(except on public and school holidays)

Loan procedure

All students as well as our kindergarten children, teachers and parents are entitled to borrow up to three books for a period of three weeks with the possibility to extend one time..

Please return borrowed books before the school holidays!


Betelehem Mulugeta
Leitung Bibliothek/Head of library


You will find our library on the way to the secretariat after the music room on the left side. Thanks to the beautiful exterior design it is not to be missed.

Our computer workstations

Whether for silent work, research or the Antolin reading program: three workstations are available to our students during opening hours.

Always well advised

The school library team is always available to help and advise our students.

Retreat corners

Two cosy reading and retreat corners are always gladly used by our students.

Game collection

Whether in the free time or during the afternoon care, here everyone can play! From Uno to chess to the exciting Monopoli game, many games are available. Even for our youngest children there is a nice selection of games.

Bibliothek der DBSAA

Large selection of reading material

Exciting novels, picture books, reference books or magazines. There is certainly something for every bookworm.

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