Mission statement of the DBSAA

The main objective of our school: Together with the parents, we prepare our students comprehensively for life after school as well as for the demands of training, studies and work. As a German school in Ethiopia, we convey German culture and history to our students and also promote their intercultural competence.

Guiding principles of the School


Educational offer

Our curriculum offers a high academic standard. Our teachers are experts in education and teaching. Our students are at the centre of our educational process.


Competence orientation

Our curriculum teaches subject as well as key competencies.


Personality development

We educate our students to become responsible, socially competent, creative and independent people. Our students take joint responsibility for success.



Internationality and multilingualism are important characteristics of our curriculum. We convey German culture and history to our students and open up new horizons of experience in Ethiopia.


School life

Our students participate in a diverse school life. Parents and teachers are jointly responsible for the education of our students.


School development

The school association, school management, parents, students and teachers work together continuously on the further development of the school.


Environment and sustainability

We educate our students to deal with the environment and nature in a responsible manner and convey an awareness of ecology and sustainability.

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