August 2019

Everything about the aviation industry

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Today our students of classes 10, 11 and 12 had the opportunity to learn all about jobs in the aviation industry. Mr. Jassir Kraft, a Lufthansa employee and currently flight attendant, reported on his work and was able to answer all of our students’ questions on the topic of career choice in the aviation industry. Thank you very much Mr. Kraft for your time.

September 2019

Career guidance in class 9

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Our students of class 9 have made their first professional exploration with strength check under the guidance of Mrs. Theil. The focus was on the work with the career choice passport and the work with the profession UNIVERSUM.

Berufe Universum

November 2019

Career and study guidance

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The classes 9,10,11 and 12 had Frank Westphal from the Federal Employment Agency NRW explain everything about professions and study opportunities in Germany. What training systems are there in Germany? Ways according to the IBDP. Basic structure of types of higher education institutions. Training, studies, dual studies, bridging possibilities. Finally, there were individual counselling interviews to round off the extensive counselling week.

December 2019


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The class 9 had the opportunity to learn everything about the fields of work at GIZ with a presentation of possible internships for the company internship

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