The new DBSAA playground

In 2022, the playground in front of the primary school was redesigned at the request of the primary school teachers. The concept was to create two zones of different character: active and noisy near the entrance area and rather quiet and shielded in the rear part. In addition, emphasis was...
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Kids Lab Grundschule

“Kids Lab” at the primary school

An annual highlight for the little ones: experimenting with colourful liquids, mixing substances and understanding how they react with each other. The Kids Lab with all kinds of utensils and the qualified child-friendly contributions fascinates both our primary school children and the children of the German Church School.
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Presentation and choir music

To celebrate the Day of German Unity, the German School Addis Ababa presented itself on the Embassy grounds. An information stand run by the students and the musical contribution of the DBSAA choir were a great contribution for the guests invited on this day.
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Halloween – big party for our students

Besides delicious food and drinks, the SMV offered a great programme for the students. There was a limbo competition, musical chairs, a make-up table and the infamous scary walk.
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