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Dear parents,
After the Ethiopian Ministry of Health has ordered the closure of all schools as of tomorrow, the DBSAA will also cease teaching in the school. The emergency care for another 3 days, which was originally planned by the school management, cannot be offered. This means that we have to close the school until 19.4.20 for the time being.

We know that the current situation also presents you with great challenges. The board, parents’ council, embassy, doctors and school management are trying to find the most reasonable ways to keep the loss of lessons and the burden on you as low as possible. The highest priority is of course health.
We will use at least one of the channels described below to educate our students. Depending on the grade level and technical requirements, the teachers will decide on the modalities and inform the students by e-mail.

In concrete terms this means:
Work assignments will be sent to the students via e-mail and Whatsapp. Gmail accounts have been set up for all students from grade 6 onwards, as it has been found that not all of the students’ existing e-mail addresses work. The students receive them directly (if possible) and via their parents’ email.
Teaching material is also printed out and made available for collection at the school gate. Further details will follow.

The students were informed about these steps today and asked to have the parents’ e-mail data checked and to take the school books with them. The colleagues will meet constantly and, after the first experiences, decide on further measures if necessary, which we will inform you about in due course.

We ask for your understanding and will keep you up to date.

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