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The DBSAA is a “recognised German school abroad” in the network of German schools abroad, which is supported professionally and financially by the Central Agency for Schools Abroad . The German Embassy School Addis Ababa has set itself the goal of strengthening the German profile of the school.

Young people returning to their home country or that of their parents, young people from neighbouring European countries who have an interest in the German language and culture, and young people whose mother tongue is German can, make an important contribution to building a bridge to the local students who have  chosen our school and at the same time they themselves can benefit from this cross-cultural encounter.

Kindergarten & Preschool

In our mixed-age groups, the children are open towards the new and are curious about the unknown. The partially open pedagogical concept creates a lot of fun and joy.

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Primary school

In our two stream primary school,classes German-speaking students are taught together with students with an Ethiopian cultural background.

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Secondary school

The lower secondary level comprises the grades 5 – 10 of the DBSAA. New subjects and important learning methods are introduced here with the aim of preparing your child for his or her professional or academic future.

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Upper Secondary comprises DBSAA grades 11 – 12 and offers a bilingual IB Diploma Programme in which various subjects are offered in German or English. Successful completion of the IB Diploma is equivalent to the German Abitur.

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10 reasons to choose the DBSAA


Familiar ambience

In total, about 200 students attend the DBSAA. In the lower secondary school the class sizes are up to 25 students, in the primary school there are 15, in the IB up to 10 students. In this way we create an optimal and personal learning environment.


School system

The DBSAA is able to create smooth transitions between the school areas including the differentiation between Gymnasium, Realschule and Hauptschule. Supporting courses are also offered for mathematics and German, among other things.


Support programmes

The individual support and encouragement of each and every child is important to us, so that the school offers support programmes for gifted children and has also developed a support concept for career changers.


A wide range of afternoon activities

In addition to many study groups in the fields of sports, art, music, politics, natural sciences, language development, languages (Amharic, English), mathematics, robotics in which the students can pursue their interests, the school offers afternoon supervision until 5.30 pm.



We offer German as the language of instruction in all subjects. French as a 2nd foreign language from grade 6 and Spanish as a late-beginning foreign language from grade 11, supported by student exchanges with Germany, Spain, USA, South Africa, Ghana and Zambia. International language examinations (DELF, DELE, FCE, DSD) are regularly taken.


International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme

We offer the IBDP with a high proportion of subjects in German language: history, biology, mathematics and guarantee a smooth transition for further schooling in Germany.



We make it possible to participate in partly international competitions in the fields of sports, mathematics, biology and international events in the fields of history and politics.


Study and career guidance

We offer study and career guidance for Germany and provide social internships in grade 10.


Native speaker

First-class education in terms of quality is close to our heart. Our staff teaches according to the German curriculum with almost exclusively German native speakers and teaching staff trained in Germany.


The DBSAA community

A colourful school life with regular projects, festivals, celebrations and trips promotes a feeling of togetherness.

School Management

The School Managementuses the potential of all its members to address the most important school-related issues. A written schedule of responsibilities regulates the responsibilities within the team . The members of the SM perform their tasks as a team. Local teachers can be included in the SM; their potential as a link to the home country is demonstrably used. Team meetings take place regularly. Minutes document the results. The members take on responsibilities in the school’s committee work. The members of theSM work together with the Principal during evaluations, who retains overall responsibility for the evaluation process.


School system in Germany

First, children attend primary school for four years. In the fourth grade, they decide how to continue their education. The system of secondary schools is divided into Hauptschulen, Realschulen, Gymnasien and Gesamtschulen. The Hauptschule ends after the 9th grade with the Hauptschulabschluss, the Realschule after the 10th grade with the Realschulabschluss. Afterwards, the young adults can start vocational training or continue their schooling. The Gymnasium ends after the 12th or 13th grade with the Abitur, which entitles them to study at a university.

Registration and dates

We are pleased that you wish to register your child at the German Embassy School Addis Ababa. In the section Registration you will find all necessary information and forms you need to register at our school.

 Application Early May
 School entrance test Mid of May
 Decision of the headmaster on admission
 and notification of parents
 First week of June

Citizens of the Federal Republic of Germany, Switzerland and Austria are admitted all year round. If you have any questions, please contact our school office. They will be happy to help you with any questions you may have and, if necessary, arrange an appointment for an interview with the head of school Dr. Nutz.

Application deadline: End of April

The German Embassy School Addis Ababa, DBSAA for short, is located in the district of Aware, in the north-east of the Ethiopian capital. Roman Herzog, the then President of the Federal Republic of Germany, broke ground for the school at its current location on 26.01.1996. The bungalow-like buildings on the hillside serve as classrooms, surrounded by many green spaces; with a German standard sports hall, a football field, as well as a 100-metre track and long jump pit!

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