The parents’ council

As a member of the parents' council, you can actively help shape your child's school environment

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D. Otieno

Further information

The parents’ council is composed of the elected parent representatives of each class. The main task is to promote the interest of all parents in participating in school events, to represent their rights vis-à-vis the school management and the teaching staff, and to promote them in constructive cooperation between those involved in our school.

Current parents’ council representatives:

Chairman: D. Otieno
Deputy Chairman: W. Snelders
Secretary: T. Amare
Steering Committee representative: L. Schmidt
Catering Committee: Z. Kloezeman, L. Windfuhr

The Parents’ Council meet monthly and with all parents’ representatives 2-3 times per school year. It is to inform the parent representatives about the work done, discuss current school issues and organise events. In addition, they are in close contact with the school management, the teaching staff and the school association in order to actively participate in shaping school life and support them within the scope of our possibilities.

Only in cooperation with each other is it possible to approach the many topics constructively and with pleasure!

According to the African proverb: if you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

The parent´s council

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