Parents’ newsletter – February 2nd – School year 2020/21

Dear parents,
Friday marks the end of the first semester and the students will receive their report cards. Due to the COVID situation, some of the performance assessments turned out to be very difficult. However, I can assure you that our teachers have done their utmost to ensure a realistic and fair assessment of all students. Should you have any questions in this regard, I would ask you to take advantage of the Parents Teacher Conference next week (February 11th, 2021) to clarify these in a personal conversation with the respective teacher.
Due to two positive test results in class 1a, there will be no face-to-face tuition in this class – starting tomorrow for the time being. However, since the last contact with the infected students may have taken place 8 days ago, it is possible to have the classmates tested already now (see also 8.). As soon as at least half of them have a negative test result, we will be able to offer face-to-face tuition again. Therefore, I ask you to report test results immediately (sl(at)
For grade 10, students can be tested starting on Friday and face-to-face tuition will be offered again starting on Monday with online schooling for the absent students. Since this also only applies if half of the class was tested negative, I kindly ask in this case as well to report test results immediately.

Important dates:
12.30 am: grades 3-12 report cards given out by the class teachers in the classroom
04.00 pm: End of lessons; End of the first half-year

06.00 pm – 07.30 pm: grades 1-4, Method parents’ evening Elementary school in classrooms and gym
classroom + gym

05.00 pm – 08.00 pm: grades 1-12, Parents Teacher Conference in the classrooms

08.00 am – 01.00 pm: grades 5-12, Game without boundaries on the sports ground
07.40 am – 09.20 am: grades 1-4, Lessons according to Wednesday’s time table
09.20 am – 01.15 pm: grades 1-4, carnival party with the class teachers in the classroom

04.00 pm: End of lessons; last school day before the Spring Break

7.40 am: First school day after the Spring Break

  1. Release of Report Cards
    Report cards will be given out on February 5th, 2021 at 6th lesson or immediately after 5th lesson for classes that end after 5th lesson.
  2. Game without boundaries
    Saturday, February 13th is a regular school day. In the elementary school we use this day for a carnival celebration, in the secondary school for a sports day, which has the motto “Play without Boundaries” and in contrast to previous years is not dedicated to athletics and is also carried out without spectators (i.e. without parents). Details will be given to the classes by their sports teachers.
  3. Changes to the timetable
    A new time table goes into effect on February 8th. There will be minor changes. By Friday, all parents will receive the new time tables via email.
  4. AGs (Afternoon activities) second half-year
    The Afternoon Activities of the first half-year end on February 19th, 2021. Until then, we will inform you which Afternoon Activities will be continued and whether new ones can be offered. This also depends on the COVID regulations that will be valid in approx. 2 weeks.
  5. Safety Review
    By February 19th, we will check all buildings and playgrounds for danger points and initiate changes.
  6. School year calendar 2021/22
    Attached is the preliminary annual calendar for the upcoming school year.
  7. School bus service
    After weighing the pros and cons, we have decided not to offer the bus service for the time being, mainly because we are concerned that too many students in a confined space will pander the spread of infections.
  8. Hygiene plan
    The following changes are effective immediately:
    Students who had closer contact (at least 15 minutes of contact of 1.5m or less indoors or less than 1m outdoors, whether or not masks were worn) with the ill person 3 or fewer days before symptom onset or announcement of a positive test result are considered first degree contacts.
    If these first degree contacts are tested beginning on the 8th day after their last contact with the ill person, they may return to school after presenting a negative test result, provided they are asymptomatic and could not have
    contracted the disease from a person who entered from South Africa, the United Kingdom, Ireland, or Brazil. In the latter case, a 14-day quarantine applies.
    If first degree contacts do not test, a 14-day quarantine also applies.
    If a student tests positive, he/she may return to school without further testing after 10 days, provided no symptoms have occurred during the last two days prior to the scheduled return. The reason for this provision is that there is virtually no risk of infection after the 9th day.
    Students who have tested positive within the last 3 months may return to school without testing.
    We would appreciate if, at least for students 10 years of age and older, you had them tested – both immediately after identification as first degree contact and after 8 days if the first test is negative.
    Furthermore, masks are compulsory in class from grade 3. They are recommended in kindergarten (except for the toddlers group) and grades 1 and 2. Exceptions apply only to certain activities in sports lessons. If it is acoustically not understandable or breathing difficulties occur, the teacher may allow the mask to be removed for a short period of time. This also applies to afternoon care.

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