Parents’ newsletter – January 14th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents,

  1. Timkat
    On Monday, 18.01.2020, classes will end at 1:15pm, as in previous years. There will be no afternoon classes, AGs or Nami, as increased traffic and road closures are expected due to the Timkat Festival, which will be celebrated on Tuesday, 19.01.2021. No meals are provided in the school and kindergarten.
    The school will be closed on Tuesday, 19.01.2021.
    Regular classes will resume on Wednesday, 01/20/2021 according to the schedule and Nami.
    The menu plan for Wednesday to Friday of the coming week, will be sent to you separately.
  2. Saturday classes
    As previously announced, there will be classes on Saturday, Jan. 23rd 2021 for grades 1-12 according to the Tuesday schedule. Classes will end at 1:15 pm after 6th period. There will be no afternoon classes or Nami. We ask that you pick up your children on time.
    If students are absent without excuse on this day, this will be noted accordingly in their report card.
  3. hygiene plan
    For the time being, we will keep the hygiene plan in its current form. We will inform you about possible changes and additions in time.
  4. deregistration
    We kindly ask you to inform the secretary’s office in time if you are leaving the DBSAA at the end of the school year or already during the current school year.
  5. parent-teacher evening on 28.01.2021
    On 28.01.2021 from 6-8 pm in the sports hall the parents’ evening for the grades 8-10 with information on career and study orientation (training and studies) will take place. As well as for the classes 9 and 10 with information about the internship in March.
    The detailed invitation will follow next week.
  6. internship
    We are still looking for internships for our 9th and 10th grade students for 2021.

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