Parents’ newsletter – January 9th – School year 2020/21

Dear parents

I hope you all had a good start into the new year and can enjoy the good weather here in Addis Ababa a bit.

As already communicated, we will start attendance for kindergarten and grades 1a and 1b from January 11th 2021, for grades 2-12 we will offer online classes (except sports classes) this week. Beginning January 18th, all students may return to school, assuming they are symptom-free and have met quarantine requirements, if applicable.

Even if the official COVID infection figures in Ethiopia are relatively low, we must assume that due to the Ethiopian Christmas, extreme caution is required. Therefore, we ask you to keep distances , avoid large crowds (e.g. visiting markets, restaurants, public transportation), use only clean masks, keep car-sharing to a minimum, open windows occasionally if possible, have your children wash their hands frequently, especially if they have been in contact with animals or have used door handles and railings, and follow the sneezing and coughing etiquette.

It is still our ambition to be able to offer as much presence teaching as possible, but as always, health is our top priority.
In this sense I wish you a nice weekend.

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