Primary School

The primary school at DBSAA serves grades 1-4 with around 105 students total. Class sizes are small, capped at 15, to enable close teacher-student interaction. The student body includes both German and Ethiopian students who attended DBSAA's kindergarten, developing German skills. The academic program covers core German subjects plus English from grade 1 to promote multilingualism

Pedagogical Approach

The school's principles center on student participation, independent learning, varied teaching, and personality development. Teachers involve students in lessons and scheduling based on needs/interests. Independent learning is promoted across subjects and collaborative projects using social dynamics. Instruction blends hands-on, interactive, and experiential methods for different learning styles. Communication skills are built through vocabulary and presentations. The goal is to nurture independent, socially-adept thinkers.


Facility and Classes

Each grade level has an assigned head classroom teacher who oversees the students' academic progress and social-emotional growth. Subject specialist teachers are brought in for areas like English, Music, Physical Education, and other enrichment disciplines.

Academic classes are comprised of up to 15 students to maintain an intimate learning environment where teachers can provide individual attention and tailor instruction to learning needs. Small class sizes also foster positive peer relationships and classroom community.

Student Life

Daily Schedule

The day runs from 7:40am-3:30pm, including morning academic blocks, breaks for recess and lunch, then afternoon enrichments like arts and sports. This balanced schedule allows rigorous learning with recreation and relationships.

Extracurricular Activities

Students participate in activities like choir, dance, sports from soccer to karate, and special learning groups in arts, technology, languages and sciences beyond the classroom.

Events and Traditions

The school fosters community and celebrates growth through events and traditions. For example, first graders are welcomed on their first day with activities organized by older grades. Cross-grade projects and presentations at assemblies let students interact meaningfully.

Primary School Management

Anja Mesmer

Head of primary school