Project week in kindergarten: A week full of discoveries, creativity and fun

At kindergarten, every week is a journey of adventure for the little explorers, but sometimes there are special events that take these adventures to a whole new level. One such event is the ever-popular “project week”.

In the camel group, the focus was on the world of music and movement. The children had the opportunity to express their creative talent by dancing to different rhythms and sounds or by painting to music. The teachers helped the children to develop their motor skills and improve their sense of rhythm as they sang songs and danced together.

The giraffe group focused on crafts and creativity by making their own toys. The children had the opportunity to develop their imagination and skills by making toys from different materials. They were able to make their own unique creations and then proudly present them.

In the elephant group, it was all about jewelry design and motor skills as the children learned to make their own jewelry. Using beads, string and other materials, the little jewelry designers were able to create their own bracelets, rings and necklaces. They learned not only craft skills, but also about colors, patterns and personal style as they designed their own pieces of jewelry.

The zebra group explored the fascinating world of art by trying out different painting techniques. From marble paintings to yarn techniques, the children were able to get to know and experiment with different materials and techniques. The teachers encouraged the children to fully express their feelings, ideas and creativity.

In the leopard group, the focus was on culinary discovery as the children learned to prepare simple dishes themselves. From fruit salads to pancakes, the preschoolers were able to develop their culinary skills under the guidance of the teachers and then taste their own creations.

Overall, the project week at the kindergarten was an enriching experience for the children, during which they not only acquired new knowledge, but were also able to develop their creativity and strengthen their social skills.

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