Rift Valley Roadtrip – The class trip of class 9

Before the “hot” phase for class 9, consisting of practical training, Sports Olympics, class work marathon or final examination, upcoming, used we have the opportunity to explore together the Rift Valley, the East African Rift valley in southern Ethiopia, to be explored.

On Tuesday, 18.02. we started in the direction of Ziway, but not via the
comfortable expressway, but the westerly running, historically interesting
Bulbulla Road. Here the museum Melkam-Kunture (early history Ethiopia), before the stage finish of the Lake Ziway was reached. In Ziway there was a competition for the students which was inspired by the trimagic tournament of Harry Potter.

Similar to the Orignial the students competed in the disciplines “Underwater” or “Labyrinth” in groups against each other. On a boat tour it was still necessary to determine the many birds. After the competitions, a winning team could be determined.

The next stage was Hawassa, where the lake and the city were visited and in in the course of student lectures on separatism movements in Ethiopia (Hawassa is the capital of the newly created state of Sidama) or the commitment China in Ethiopia.

The next day we headed north again to Lake Langano. Here were the
Highlights include a casino evening where each student has their own personal, secret I had a mission to accomplish. The visit was also well received of the Abiata Shalla National Park with its fauna that corresponds to the vegetation type of the dry savannah is well adapted. At this point the conflicts of use between the national park in need of protection and the interests of the local Farmers as a theme.

On the long drive home, the students could already review the events of the
and will continue to allow students and teachers to have a chance to
to remind you of the trip.

Pascal Hofmann, class teacher class 9

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