Sankt Martinsfest at Deutsche Botschaftsschule Addis Abeba: A Night of Tradition, Unity, and Warmth

Addis Ababa, November 10, 2023 – As the sun set, the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa came alive with the warmth of the Saint Martin celebration on Friday, November 10, 2023. Parents, children, and school staff gathered for an evening filled with cultural festivities, community engagement, and a bit of good food.

The campus celebration, known as Sankt Martinsfest, commenced a bit before sunset. Parents accompanied their children, creating a vibrant atmosphere that resonated with the spirit of togetherness. As the school community converged, kids delighted in sipping fruit punch and relishing hotdogs, while parents savored the rich flavors of mulled wine.

The heart of the celebration kicked off in the school garden, where the main event began. Live singing set the tone as parents, children, and school staff gathered. The kids, with candles aglow, walked around one of the school buildings, proudly holding up their lanterns. The procession then made its way to the soccer field, where the legend of Saint Martin unfolded. In a scene echoing compassion and selflessness, Saint Martin, portrayed by a man on a horse, circled around a beggar lying on the floor. The poignant moment of sharing his cloak, symbolizing warmth and generosity, came alive as Saint Martin dismounted from his horse to provide comfort to the shivering soul in need.

Following the reenactment, the children eagerly ran onto the field to receive their Saint Martin treats, adding an element of excitement and joy to the evening. The night resonated with the melodic tunes of singing and the infectious laughter of children and parents alike. It was a cultural celebration that not only highlighted Saint Martin traditions but also fostered a sense of community engagement within the school community.

The event, marked by the Lantern Parade or “Laternenumzug,” showcased the creativity of the children as they proudly carried their illuminated lanterns. This children’s activity added a whimsical touch to the evening, creating lasting memories for all.

As we basked in the warmth of this cultural celebration, it became clear that the Deutsche Botschaftsschule Addis Abeba had successfully woven together Saint Martin traditions, customs, and the school’s commitment to fostering a strong sense of community.

In the midst of campus festivities and school celebrations, the Sankt Martinsfest at Deutsche Botschaftsschule Addis Abeba proved to be a culinary delight as well. Traditional treats added flavor to the evening, creating a sensory experience that complemented the cultural richness of the celebration.

In the spirit of maintaining traditions and customs, the school event embodied the essence of Saint Martin’s legacy, fostering an environment where children’s crafts and activities for kids became integral parts of the cultural tapestry.

The Sankt Martinsfest at Deutsche Botschaftsschule Addis Abeba was not merely a school celebration but a testament to the school community’s commitment to cultural engagement, unity, and the joyous celebration of traditions. As the lanterns glowed in the night, the spirit of Saint Martin’s legacy filled the school grounds, making a lasting impression on everyone in attendance.

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