The DBSAA would like to offer attendance at DBSAA to children/students with excellent school performances as well as established knowledge of German language for low-income families.

Modell for assignment/grant for/of scholarship for students coming from other schooltypes from grade 5 ownwards

1. Target group

Children with above average school performances as well as proven knowledge of German language from low-income families who would like to register at DBSAA and would visit grade 5 or higher.

2. Requirements

2.1 School performance and grade average
An above average certificate in the for transfer to the next grade relevant subjects is a requirement (grade average according to our system better than 1,5)

2.2 Knowledge of German language
Language requirement is a German level of minimum A2 in grades 5-7 and B1 in grades 8-10. If there is no proof of language level, the school will conduct a test before admission.

2.3 Indigence
As a proof of indigence, the following requirements have to be fulfilled:

a) Proof of a maximum net income of 10.000 ETB/month; this sum increases for each child that lives in the household with the family by 2.500 ETB.
b) No real estate ownership
c) No ownership of a vehicle
d) Statutory declaration about a) to c)

3. Closing date for applications

An application for scholarship can be made during the second half of the school year for the following school year. The exact date will be published in the school calendar and on the website and other publications respectively. In exceptional cases an application at another point in time is possible.

4. Application procedure

  • Applications have to be handed in by the legal guardians of the students to the DBSAA in due time
  • A written motivational letter of the student is also part of the application documents, as well as proof of points 2.1-2.3
  • Nomination: the head of school proposes a student for scholarship
  • Decision by the authorization committee. This consists of four board members and the head of school. Class teachers of the respective grades and the head of administration have a consulting role. The members of the authorization committee decide by majority vote.

5. Level of scholarship and contributions of legal guardians

  • The scholarship covers the school fees and registration fees fully.
  • Parents cover all other costs such as for learning materials, food and drink and other occurring costs such as class trips, language exams, etc.

6. Scholarship timeframe and other requirements

  • The scholarship will be given for one school year.
  • The student can apply again for the following school year.
  • For an extension of the scholarship, the student has to stand out in regards to being a role model through behavior and continue to perform above average when it comes to school.
  • There is no possibility of objection from the applicant. The decision of the authorization committee is final. Any legal recourse is barred.
  • In the case of gross wrongdoing of the student the scholarship will be withdrawn immediately. The decision competency lies with the head of school. Starting with the day of detraction of the scholarship, all fees have to be paid.
  • The household budget prevails.

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