School association & board of directors

The German School Association in Ethiopia

The German School Association in Ethiopia is a registered association and the governing body of the DBSAA. Its members are friends and supporters, parents and former students, who thus actively participate in school life and make a valuable contribution to shaping the future of our school. At the annual general meeting, the members elect the board of directors (six representatives) for a period of two years. Only members of the school association are eligible for election. Not eligible for election are teachers and employees as well as their family members/registered partners and members of the school’s parents’ council.

Purpose and aim of the association and the school

  • The purpose of the association is the establishment and maintenance of a general school including kindergarten/preschool for German-speaking students.
  • The school serves the purpose of providing its students with a school education, which is based on German educational objectives using German and KMK recognised curricula and aiming at German high school degrees or international degrees that are recognized by KMK in Germany.
  • The school also sets itself the task of familiarising the students with the culture of Ethiopia and also through extracurricular activities to cultivate human and cultural relations and to promote mutual understanding.
  • Within the framework of this objective the school and the kindergarten managed by the association are also open to students of non-German nationality, if they have a sufficient command of the German language or acquire it in a reasonable time to follow the lessons, and if the capacity of the school or kindergarten allows this and within the regulations of Ethiopia, there is nothing to prevent this.
  • The structure of the school is based on this objective and will be agreed upon in cooperation with the Federal Foreign Office, with the participation of the Embassy of Federal Republic of Germany.

Contact person

The new chairman of the board has not yet been elected after the withdrawal of Mr von Allmen.

(Status May 2020)

The board of the school association

The School Board is a voluntary body and regulates the financial, economic and legal affairs of the school association and the school as well as the budget and personnel matters, the latter in consultation with the school management.

All matters concerning the pedagogical concept and the structure of the school are decided in agreement with the school management, taking into account the guidelines issued by the Central Office for Schools Abroad (ZfA) and the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs (KMK).

  Position Name
 Chairman until may 2020 Fritz von Allmen
 Assistant treasurer Daniel Argaw
 Treasurer Stefan Wittwer
 Building committee and finances Sebastian Keßler
 Personnel Committee Björn Gruber
 Building Committee Bernd Jörke (out of picture)


Become a member
Your child is registered and will start school in the summer or is already attending our school. We would like to draw your attention to the School Association of the German Embassy School Addis Ababa! Our school association can only do a good job if as many parents as possible, including you, are members of our association. The annual membership fee is 150 ETB. The membership fee is always charged for the current school year. Membership ends automatically when you leave the school.

You can download the membership form here on the site, just click on the PDF button. You are welcome to hand in your declaration of membership at the school. We look forward to hearing from you.

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