Why school development?

Our society and the way we live together are constantly changing. Accordingly, the demands on children and young people in the globalised world are also changing and becoming more demanding and complex.

Imparting knowledge Strengthening competencies – school development is an ongoing process. The school management, the steering group with representatives of the committees and the pedagogical quality management are responsible. 

The school community is committed to quality development, internal and external evaluation. The means are a survey on school satisfaction every two years, the annual preparation of a work program for school development and an annual Pedagogical Day. Another instrument of quality development are the collegial teaching observations.

Guidelines of school development:

  • Federal and state quality framework for German schools abroad
  • Mission statement and school programme
  • Work Programme
  • Evaluations (Peer Review, BLI, school internal focus evaluations)
  • Teacher training
  • Steering group
  • Quality groups and collegial hospitations
Steering Group
The members
Development priorities

The steering group

The steering group has the task of coordinating the overall development of the German Embassy School Addis Ababa. It is based on the school’s mission statement and school programme. The Steering Committee coordinates the work on updating the mission statement and the school program. The work of the steering group is guided by the quality framework of the Federal Government and the Länder for German schools abroad. The Steering Committee submits proposals and applications to the responsible bodies of the school.

The Steering Committee consists of representatives of all school councils and meets once every two months. The members are appointed for one year at a time. The representatives regularly report on the work of the Steering Committee to the respective committees (of which they are members).


The members

The members of the new Steering Committee for the 2019/20 school year are

PQM coordinator: Heba Hashem
Secondary school: P. Hofmann, B. Theil
Elementary: Nadja Schanz    
Kindergarten: N.N.
Preschool: N.N.
School management: Dr. Martin Nutz, Christoph Schantz    
Board of Directors: N.N.   
Parents: Dr. Boran Altincicek
Students: Natnael Selassie, Clare Jörke

The Steering Committee, in consultation with the school management and the school conference , presents a work programme with developmental priorities for school development, which is regularly updated and whose implementation is monitored by the Steering Committee. The Steering Committee takes up suggestions and proposals from the Pedagogical Day for School Development, which it carries out at least once a school year with the teaching staff, the members of the Parents’ Council, the members of the Student Council and the Board of Directors.

Development priorities

The current development priorities from the work programme for the 2019/20 school year are

  1. ensuring quality standards at the school
  2. optimization and design of transitions
  3. expanding public relations work
  4. further development of the school culture


PQM Coordinator

An important instrument of school development is the coordinator for pedagogical quality management. The tasks of a PQM coordinator:

  • Management of the steering group
  • Coordination of the planning of measures based on the quality framework for German schools abroad
  • Preparation and coordination of internal school evaluations, peer reviews and the Bund-Länder-Inspektion
  • Coordination of the evaluation and planning of measures after evaluations in cooperation with the steering group
  • Information flow regarding school development to all committees of the school community
  • Documentation of the results and measures
  • Collaboration with the external supervisor of the school region
  • Communication with the ZfA
  • Cooperation with other German schools abroad in the region

Quality Groups

At the DBSAA, all teachers meet once a monthin so-called quality groups for school development. The teachers  teams work on different topics related to the school’s development priorities. Classes are developed together, collegial teaching hospitations take place, which are evaluated and discussed.

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