School fees

The school fees are set by the school board and are regularly adjusted. Please note the currently valid scale of fees, which is available in the school office and can also be downloaded. 

The registration fee is payable annually in Euro. The school year has 10 fully paid months (September-June). The fees are payable in euros in two instalments at the beginning of each school semester (August and February). In case of late payment a late fee of 5% of the invoice amount will be charged.

Teaching and learning materials (textbooks) are provided by the school and are charged extra. Lunch is provided by the cafeteria and is charged extra.

In the IB upper School, the examination fees charged by the IBO must be paid additionally.

1. Method of payment

a) Parents who earn their income in Euro can pay the school fees by transfer to the following account :
Commerzbank Düsseldorf,
Name: Deutscher Schulverein in Äthiopien, BLZ 300 400 00,
Konto Nr. :1044015 00,
IBAN: DE 28 3004 0000 0104 401 500
b) Parents, who earn their income in ETB have following options:
i. payment to Oromia International Bank S.C., Anwar Mesgid Branch, Acc No: 573661/2010101/1/0
ii. Issuance of a check on the name: German Embassy School

2. Payment period and payment obligations

a) The school fee and the fee for lending books have to be paid twice a year at the beginning of each school semester.
b) The registration fee has to be payed annually
c) The fees have to be paid within 8 weeks after issuance of the invoice

3. Applications for reductions and deferment of payment

a) Applications for a reduction of payment can be submitted to the school board. The MoU-fees are the minimum payment.
b) Applications must be submitted to the secretariat for each school child by April 30th for the following academic year. The school board decides on these applications on a case-by-case basis. The valid application form is available in the secretariat. There is no legal claim. Ermäßigungsanträge können nicht rückwirkend gestellt werden.
c) Requests for reductions may not be made retroactively.
d) in special cases, a deferment of payment may be granted. Requests must be made in writing and submitted no later than 2 weeks after the invoice is issued.

4. Other fees

a) Exam fees charged by the IBO are to be paid in addition at IB-level. Based on agreements with parents, special exam subjects can be offered against payment.
b) Fees for the bus service and other services will be charged separately.

5. Outstanding debts

a) Outstanding debts arise if the invoice is not paid within 7 days of the payment deadline.
b) In the event of late payment, a fee of 5% of the invoice amount will be charged. In addition, in case of late ETB payment, the invoice exchange rate or the current exchange rate is used to calculate the ETB amount. The exchange rate more favourable to the school is decisive.

6. Cancellation

a) Cancelation of registration can be submitted till the end of one school semester. There is no claim for refund.

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