Admission to the secondary school

The following describes the procedure of admission of new students into secondary school of DBSAA.

Principles of admission

1. Affiliation to an appropriate group of people relating to the profile of the school

Students with high affinity to the German language and culture will be admitted to DBSAA.
This is proven by:

  1. Children with German, Swiss or Austrian passports (or other German-speaking countries) or children who are German native speakers
  2. Children with at least one German parent
  3. Children of alumni
  4. Children who at least spent a year in Germany
  5. Children with adequate German language proficiency
  6. Children who switch from another DAS, DPS or DSD school
  7. Children whose siblings are already enrolled at DBSAA

Exempt are students who, due to physical and social-emotional disorders or rather conspicuousness, cannot be adequately instructed at DBSAA (e.g. blind students).

As long as capacities are at hand, children of which a high achievement potential can be expected and whose parents have sufficient knowledge of the German language or whose parents work for a German employer can be admitted.

Only in exceptional cases (e.g. when parents can prove that they have to relocate to Germany due to work) can other children also be considered for admission

2. Proof of language proficiency in German
Requirement for admission is the participation in a language proficiency test at DBSAA, if it can be arranged before school enrollment, or another proof of language proficiency (e.g. certificate of last school, DSD language certificate). If the participation in a language proficiency test before admission is not possible, it will take place at the earliest possible time.

3. Permission of advancement
The permission of advancement has to be confirmed by the submission of a certificate of the last visited school. Parents have to confirm that the transfer regulations have been noted.

Support Measures
The DBSAA is a school which is composed by children with very heterogeneous learning requirements. Children with different cultural, social, linguistic and cognitive skills are enrolled at DBSAA.

Demand for support can possibly occur due to change of school. This circumstance is accommodated insofar that DBSAA offers a framework of possibilities for personal support and integration measures, specifically in German as a subject. Cost in respect to additional demand for support has to be paid by the parents. If the demand for support is known before admission, e.g. as a result of the language proficiency test, concrete measures will be arranged in a discussion between school management, parents and possibly a consultancy teacher. If the demand for support is not known before admission, it will be determined in a class conference as soon as possible. Consequently, in a discussion between school management, parents and possibly a consultancy teacher, concrete measures will be agreed upon.

The head of school will decide about the admission in consultation with teachers.


Form to be submitted

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