Student representative council (SRC)

Active shaping of school life

The student council is responsible for representing the opinions of the students, contributing  ideas for school life and planning events for the students, parents and teachers. In addition, the student representatives, who chair the SRC meetings, are allowed to take part in various conferences such as the steering group and the general school  conference and to make suggestions. The SRC consists of the elected student representatives, class representatives from grades 4 to 12, and the volunteer members of the SRC. With the exception of class 4, only the individual class representatives, and not their deputies, are members of the SRC.

  • Principles of the student representation
  • The SRC of the German Embassy School Addis Ababa promotes the cohesion of the student body.
  • So that the SRC of the Deutsche Botschftsschule Addis Ababa can fulfil its tasks school management, teachers, parents and students who have different rights, duties, tasks and interests in school must work together.
  • The SRC is supported by everyone involved in school life.
  • Students must not be favoured or disadvantaged because of their work in the SV. At the request of the students, their activities in the SV can be certified in the report card or in any other suitable form.

How do you elect the student representatives?

The students elect their SRC representatives for a period of one year. On the last school day before the summer holidays, the SRC is dissolved and a new one is elected the following school year.

In addition to the elected students, two liaison teachers play a supporting role in the SRC. The students’ General Assembly is the assembly of all students from grade 4 onwards. The students’ General Assembly takes place in the first 3 weeks of the school year, the date is determined in consultation with the school management.

The SRC elections are always general, direct, free, equal and secret. All students in grades 4 – 12 have the right to vote in the SV elections. In the SV-elections the student representatives, voluntary SRC-members, two students and two teachers are elected. Apart from the elections, other topics can also be discussed and voted on in the student body. The SRC elections take place three school days after the general assembly. The student representatives and the SRC members of the previous year organise the elections.

What do you do in the SRC?

The SRC represents the interests of the DBSAA students. This is done regarding  the school management, the general school conference, class conferences and the individual teachers, as well as all other persons involved in school life.  They often work closely together with the liaison teachers. Members of the SRC inform their respective classes of the results of the meetings and other SRC events in which they have participated.

Event planning is often at the forefront of these activities, and in the past, film evenings, Halloween parties and Crazy Week have been organised. At these events, students can have fun and take a break from everyday school life. In addition, these events naturally strengthen the sense of community in the school.  But spreading fun is not the only work of the SRC!  Occasionally there is also a commitment to social projects, such as the waffle sale, where 30% of the proceeds are donated to the German Church School.  All this work requires a lot of planning and every two weeks SRC meetings are held to organize events and activities. 

What is an SRC meeting?

The SRC meeting is one of the most important management tools. Here all SRC members are informed about the current status of the projects and activities. In addition, problems with teachers, problems at the school etc. can be discussed here. The SRC weekend takes place twice a year. The SRC-weekend is an event taking place at the school which takes place over a period of two days (incl. overnight stay). The SRC-weekend serves the purpose to enable the new SRC to get to know each other and to work on and expand the annual programme.

What is an Liaison teacher?

Counsellors play a supporting role in the SRC and help the SRC with their concerns, in the organisation of school events and projects, and other projects.  Liaison teachers also serve as a link between the SRC and all those involved in school life, as well as the school management.  Another task of the liaison teachers is to solve, mediate and advise problems between teachers and students. Confidential teachers are bound by professional secrecy.

Elected representatives of the student body for the school year 2020/21 are

Liaison teachersStudent representatives
 Konstanze Tot  Clare Jörke
 Pascal Kovarbasic  Dennis Wagner


 Confidential students
 Meryam Abdulhamid
 Betania Getachew


Activities of the SRC

Rose sale for Valentine's Day


Social projects

Movie night


Crazy week

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