Student Spotlight: Kidus Sisay, a Remarkable Journey from DBSAA to DHGE

Addis Ababa, Ethiopia — Kidus Sisay, an exceptional young scholar, has journeyed through 15 years at the German Embassy School in Addis Ababa (DBSAA) and is currently making waves in the world of Electrical Engineering as a dual student at the DHGE. Having completed two successful semesters at the university, Kidus reflects on his experiences and shares insights into his life beyond academics.

In early September, Kidus Sisay returned to his alma mater, DBSAA, to share his remarkable journey with the school’s 9th and 10th-grade boys. During his visit, he captivated the audience with an engaging presentation, offering valuable insights into his new life in Germany. As he stood before the eager students, Kidus provided a firsthand account of his experiences, shedding light on the challenges and triumphs of his academic pursuit in Electrical Engineering at DHGE. His presentation not only inspired the young boys but also served as a testament to the transformative power of education and the enduring connections forged within the DBSAA community.

In an engaging interview, Kidus unveiled the anecdotes that shaped his journey through academia and personal passions. When asked about his childhood nickname, Kidus humorously revealed that his name itself became a unique identifier due to its pronunciation difficulties. Embracing his Ethiopian heritage, he smiled as he mentioned how his name’s distinctiveness garnered various playful versions.

The conversation steered toward fears, and Kidus candidly confessed a lingering fear of the dark from his childhood. However, he acknowledged his progress in overcoming it, emphasizing personal growth and resilience in managing fears, especially after watching horror movies.

Intriguingly, Kidus expressed a profound passion for martial arts and competitive combat as a hobby beyond his academic pursuits. He articulated how these activities help hone his problem-solving skills in high-stress situations, reflecting their positive impact on his everyday life.

With dreams soaring high, Kidus revealed that skydiving tops his bucket list. The exhilarating desire to experience the free fall and embrace the rush of adrenaline motivates him to strive for this thrilling adventure.

In exploring the facets of superpowers, Kidus expressed a desire for heightened intelligence while retaining his humanity. The balance of intellect and empathy deeply resonates with him, underlining his aspiration to contribute to society while staying emotionally connected.

When it comes to comfort snacks, salted peanuts steal Kidus’ heart, offering solace in both good and challenging times. The familiarity and accessibility of this snack make it a reliable companion, wherever he goes.

Reflecting on cherished memories, Kidus fondly recalled a remarkable European trip with his father before commencing his university studies. The four weeks spent traversing Europe left an indelible mark, shaping unforgettable memories.

In a heartfelt conclusion, Kidus highlighted his desire to share an intimate dinner with historical figures like Miyamoto Musashi, Arthur Conan Doyle/Joseph Bell, and Nicola Tesla. However, family remains his ultimate choice for a dinner gathering, emphasizing the importance of cherished moments with loved ones.

As we delved into his school days, Kidus reminisced about the gymnasium at DBSAA. This multifaceted space not only witnessed his physical activities but also held a treasure trove of memories, reflecting the essence of his formative years.

In a light-hearted recollection, Kidus shared an amusing incident from his school days that continues to tickle his funny bone. A spontaneous shift from football to an impromptu game of American football during a night’s play turned comical when a fellow student’s surprising strength led to a half-ripped t-shirt, leaving everyone in stitches.

Kidus Sisay’s journey, brimming with passion, resilience, and a good sense of humor, exemplifies the spirit of determination that propels him toward academic excellence and personal fulfillment. His story stands as a testament to the power of pursuing one’s dreams and embracing life’s unexpected, hilarious moments along the way.

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