Overnight stay of the SMV


Overnight stay of the SMV

In mid-October, the SMV invited its members to an overnight stay at the school to gather and plan upcoming events, with a primary focus on the imminent Oktoberfest. To ensure maximum efficiency, SMV members organized themselves into different groups, each assigned to a specific area of responsibility.

For instance, one group handled the setup of the photo booth, another curated the supporting program for the party, and others collaborated on creating a playlist. Nonetheless, everyone contributed to decorating the venue, resulting in vibrant posters, photo booth accessories, and appropriate decorations that set the stage for an unforgettable atmosphere.

The outcomes of each group’s efforts were presented, and after brief adjustments, the concepts and supporting programs were finalized. However, the evening wasn’t solely dedicated to work; the objective was also to strengthen the sense of community. What better way to achieve this than with delicious pizza and engaging games? All in all, the overnight stay was a success, combining productive work with enjoyable moments, ensuring that both the sense of fun and community were well-preserved.

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