Wir freuen uns folgende Mitarbeiter an der DBSAA begrüßen zu dürfen!

Anahi Chisté

Working area: Primary school grade 1

Teaching subjects: everything that belongs to elementary school
Last position: Fit4Integration Vienna, open space project week supervisor
Experience abroad: USA (as a student)
Interests: Team sports, athletics, climbing, enjoying good food, getting to know new cultures
3 infos about me: (mostly) a green thumb, coffee lover, team player

Konstanze Tot

Working area: Primary school grade 1

Teaching subjects: Maths, German, Arts, General Studies.
Last position: Primary school in Hannover
Experience abroad: frequent guest in Italy, 4 years as a teacher in Cairo
Interests: my children, traveling, being outside
Info about me: Mama of 3 children: Laila, 8 years old, Joschua, 6 years old, Pari, 4 years old
I love to have a lot of time and space.

Anna Karch

Working area: Secondary level

Teaching subjects: French, Geography
Last position: Burg Gymnasium Kaiserslautern, GSG Daun (RLP)
Experience abroad: Zambia, France…
Interests: hiking, (Acro & Thai) yoga, swimming, bouldering, meditation, music…
3 infos about me: nature lover, Slovenian roots, woofer

Jasmin Wagner

Working area: Primary school

Teaching subjects: Assistant teacher grade 3a
Last position: Head of the residential area facility for people with intellectual disabilities.
Experience abroad: Travelling to different countries.
Interests: reading, people
3 infos about me: from Saarland, 2 children (10 and 3 years old), lover of the North Sea

Philip Brandt

Working area: Secondary level

Teaching subjects: Maths, Ethics, PE
Last position: Werkrealschule Unterer Neckar in Ladenburg, Peter Koch School (SBBZ Esent) Weinheim
Experience abroad: Travel to Eritrea, Morocco, USA, Indonesia
Interests: Basketballs, reading, traveling, soccer, table tennis, video editing, going to the movies, eating
3 infos about me: I like to cook, have a twin brother and I have 2 children (10 and 3 years old)

Noel Frei

Working area: Secondary level

Teaching subjects: German, History
Last position: Secondary School in Basel City, Switzerland (8 years), German School Tokyo Yokohama, Japan (3 years)
Experience abroad: Japan, Australia, Austria, England
Interests: reading, traveling, hiking, sports (badminton, trail running, volleyball, fitness)
3 infos about me: Enthusiastic, epicurean, interest in new cultural areas

Julia Wormann

Working area: elementary school, secondary school, special education (learning and social-emotional development)

Teaching subjects: German, DaF, Maths
Last position: Integrated Comprehensive School, Hannover
Experience abroad: Ghana, Senegal, Rwanda
Interests: reading, photography, dancing
3 infos about me: home in a small village in the Lower Rhine, I love to ride a racing bike and I like to sleep

Gertraud Saathoff

Working area: Primary school – grade 3a, systemic consultant, social therapist

Last position: Since 1990, employed as a social education worker by the Free Hanseatic City of Hamburg, the last 16 years of which were spent at an elementary school, comprehensive school and district school in inclusion, counseling and teaching.
Experience abroad: Ireland, Zimbabwe, South Africa and Uganda
Interests: travelling, culture, philosophy
3 infos about me: last place of residence: Lüneburg, 2 children ( 25 years + 27 years ) East Frisian with love for the Low German language

Abyssinia Mouz Beyene

Working area: Primary school (internship)

Favorite subjects at school: English, History, Psychology
Interests: playing guitar, traveling & poetry

Francesca Köster

Working area: Secondary school; IB

Teaching subjects: German, English, Social Studies and History
International experience: Ireland 2006-2007, Kenya 2019/2020

Sarah Wollenberg

Working area: Secondary school, IB

Teaching subjects: English, DaF
Last position: KMW-GmbH, Society for International Cooperation (GIZ)
Interests: sports, reading, traveling
Info about me: 1 daughter (1), former student of the DBSAA

Janine Gräbitz

Working area: secondary school (internship)

Teaching subjects: Sports and Geography
Everything beside the university: Co-trainer within the youth range of the HBV Jena 90 e. V. (handball)
Experience abroad: Cambodia
Interests: Ultimate Frisbee, volleyball, bicycle tours, Harry Potter

Stefano Tot

Working area: Afternoon care
Environmental protection technician (earth sciences), violence prevention, triathlon/sports coach

Interests: Sports and discovering nature with my family

Sabine Nicole Moosbauer 

Working area: Head of Kindergarten; social pedagogy, paramedics, health and social services specialist, specialist for psychosocial children and youth work

Last position: Malteser Rescue Service, responsible body for a day care center with inclusion and Kneipp in Bavaria
interest: Dance, Music, Travel
Info about me: nice challenges, curious

Abel Berhe

Working area: Kindergarten (internship);

I am 20 years old, a helpful person and like to work with children.
Since I went to school in the DBSAA, it is a great pleasure for me to give something back to the school.
I have decided to do a one-year internship and I hope that I can give something and also take something with me.
My hobbies are making music & reading

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