We are pleased to welcome further employees at the DBSAA!

Uwe Deppe

Education: Diploma in Biology & Teacher training at grammar school

Working area: Biology, German, Sports
Lastposition: University of Applied Sciences Flensburg, Uni FL
Experience abroad: Chile, Sweden, Switzerland
Interests: Sailing, Travel,Gardening, Old houses
About me: Full day botanist, three blond boys, happy nature from sunrise

Nathaly Kleist

Education:B.A. African Studies, M.A. Global Studies; sports trainer, training as a teacher of German as a foreign language at the Goethe-Institut

Working area: Afternoon care grade 2
Last position: External consultant of the wheelchair workshop in Addis Guzo
Experience abroad: 2003-2004 student exchange in the USA, 2009 internship in Tanzania, living in Ethiopia since 2010; vacations outside Europe: Ghana, India, Kenya, Tanzania
Interests: Meditation, mysticism and astrology; Art, creativeand handicraft; Gardening and animals; Sports
About me: Mama of a 5-year-old daughter; either walking or cycling, vegetarian, no TV or radio in the house, Theta Healing practitioner, fluent in Amharic, likes to cook and bake; love sunshine and the sea

Fyori Abraham Tekle

My name is Fyori Abraham Tekle, I live in Germany and have a four year old son. On 07/2020 I successfully completed my training as a state-approved social assistant in social pedagogy. Currently I am in training as anursery teacher in Germany and for the period 09.11.20 to 18.12.20 I am the intern in the Lions Group.My hobbies are sports and music.I am really looking forward to a wonderful and exciting time with your children and to a good teamwork.

Mia Müther

Working area: Trainee in kindergarten and afternoon care

About me: I am 18 years old, I graduated from high school in Berlin and I am very happy to work for the DBSAA for one year now, since it has always been my wish to go to an African country after school.Interests: spending time with friends, reading, yoga, my dog

Johannes Löffler

Education: Pastor, systemic consultant

Subject: Religious educational classes
Last position: Education Department Kenya Evangelical Lutheran Church, Günzburg Clinics
Experience abroad: Tanzania, Kenya
Interests: music, travelling
About me: four children, cycling fan, Frank

Juma H. Mwachidogo

Education: Diving instructor, Rescue Diver and Student Guide for the Magrove Ecosystem

Working Area: Afternoon care
Last position: Manager of Rainbow Marine Safaris (Kwale Younty, Kenya)
Experience abroad: stays in Hungary and Germany, contracts in Tanzania and Mozambique
Interests: Marine biology, coastal ecosystems, diving, outdoor sports, reading, local politics and community based projects
About me: Always in a good mood, patient, curious, team-oriented, nature lover

Victoria Endeshaw

Ausbildung: Diplomkauffrau mit MBA

Einsatz: Buchhaltung
Letzte Stelle: Senior Project Manager bei OCP SA Auslandserfahrung: Ein Jahr Amerika, zwei Jahre Frankreich, 4 Jahre pendeln zwischen Marokko und Äthiopien
Interessen: Formel 1, Kunst, Musik, gutes Essen Infos über mich: Kommt vorbei und lernt mich kennen!

Susanne Maurer

Ausbildung: Biol.-Techn.-Assistentin

Einsatz: Nachmittagsbetreuung
Letzte Stelle: Medizin. Labor
Auslandserfahrung: Jordanien, Italien
Interessen: Nähen, Stricken, kreative Beastelarbeiten
Infos über mich: Seit April 2019 in Äthiopien, Mutter von 2 Kindern, naturverbunden, gesellig.

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