Extra-curricular Activities

Extracurricular activities at our school provide valuable opportunities for students to pursue interests, build skills, and have fun with peers outside regular academics. The wide range of activities complements the curriculum and allows students to explore passions.


Participating in extracurricular activities offers many benefits that aid student development

How to Join?

Due to limitations in resources, spaces, and supervision availability, we may not be able to accept all interested applicants. Some activities also have specific age limits or eligibility criteria. We appreciate your understanding on this, and encourage students to explore the wide range of options to find activities matched to their interests and abilities.

The registration period opens at the beginning of each new semester

Students can sign up on the registration lists online.

Registration is considered binding for participation throughout the full semester

Activity schedules, expectations, and requirements are shared at the first session

Overview of Activities

At the start of each academic semester, our experienced school staff curate a diverse range of engaging extracurricular offerings in various areas that students in all grades can join. Activities are offered across science, technology, arts, crafts, music, drama, community service, academics, environment, sports, gaming, and more. Students get to immerse themselves in hands-on projects, experiments, creative endeavors, competitions, exhibitions and performances. While most activities are open to all grade levels, some specify age limits or restrictions. This helps tailor activities for maturity and skills. Popular options include soccer, science experiments, skateboarding, recycling initiatives and arts and crafts. New activities are added each semester based on student interest and faculty expertise.