School Library

The school library is more than just a place to borrow books. It's a vibrant hub for learning, exploring, creating, and coming together as a community. From its rich collection of reading materials to cosy books for reading, our library fosters a love of literature and provides resources to spark curiosity.

School library

Key Features

Large selection of fiction, non-fiction, picture books, magazines, CDs, DVDs for all ages

Computer workstations for research, reading programs, and silent study

Cozy reading corners and areas for group work or play

Games collection for breaks and after-school activities

Exhibit space for student projects and book displays

Support from librarians for finding materials, research, and reading programs

School library


The vibrantly decorated library doors invite you in to explore, read, learn, and enjoy community. See the latest award-winning books on display as you enter. Our caring librarians look forward to assisting you find the perfect book!


The DBSAA cafeteria provides delicious, nutritious meals for students and staff every school day. We partner with Addis International Catering to serve a variety of cuisines and cater to all tastes and diets.

Contact Person

Moges Aregay (


Menu Highlights

Breakfast: Sandwiches, snacks, baked goods

Lunch (from 12pm): Salads, Ethiopian dishes, meat/veggie options, rotating desserts

Kindergarten: Healthy child-friendly fare like main dishes and fruit




A parent-staff working group regularly checks on food quality and safety. We aim to provide fresh, tasty meals to power focused learning.



Cashless ID system through Amole Dashen Bank

Parents deposit funds to student accounts




Open Monday-Friday from 7:40am to 4:15pm, excluding holidays


Health and First Aid

The DBSAA provides comprehensive health services to care for the wellbeing of every student. Our registered nurse assists with minor injuries, acute illnesses, administration of medications, and overall health education. We also offer emergency preparedness instruction and protocols.

Contact Person

Feven Techt (

First Aid Station

Our first aid station is open Monday-Friday from 7:30am to 5:00pm on all school days. It is staffed by our experienced nurse Feven Techt who treat minor injuries such as cuts and sprains and provide comfort when students feel unwell. The nurse maintains a fully stocked medical supply closet with bandages, antiseptic, thermometers, and other first aid essentials. All school staff participate in a formal first aid training course annually to prepare for medical situations. Our nurse also visit classrooms and preschool groups regularly to instruct students on basic emergency response and first aid skills appropriate for their age like calling for help, stopping bleeding, and more.

Illness Peporting

Parents should notify the school office promptly if a child will be absent due to illness. For kindergarten students, call the kindergarten at +251-955-418125 to report the name, group, illness, and expected duration. For primary and secondary students, call the front office at +251-11-5534465 or +251-953-453018 with the same details so the homeroom teacher can be informed. If the child returns to school after an infectious illness but is still taking medication, parents must provide a doctor's note stating the return date and a confirmation that the child is no longer contagious. Teachers cannot give medications except on field trips with written parental consent.


The DBSAA advocates for childhood vaccinations to prevent infectious diseases like measles, polio, meningitis, chickenpox, and HPV. Parents can catch up on any missed vaccinations, with boosters recommended between ages 5-17. An annual vaccination calendar provides the schedule. HPV vaccination is advised for girls and boys from ages 9-14 for maximum protection.

Chronic Illness/Allergies

For any student with a chronic illness like asthma or allergies, parents should inform the administration when first enrolling. This allows all staff to be aware of the condition and necessary precautions like keeping inhalers or EpiPens accessible. Parents should provide emergency contacts who are consistently available to assist if needed.

Prepared for Emergencies

From our on-site nurse to staff first aid training to detailed response protocols, the DBSAA makes student health and safety a top priority. We are fully prepared to provide compassionate care and make quick decisions in any medical situation to protect our students.